Ron Clark Academy – Part Three

So…  What’s next?

With so many ideas swirling about and around, it helps to chunk my learning into topics.

For myself…
There are so many things I want to do to tweak my own teaching.

I want to write and incorporate more chants into what we’re learning.  I’ve written my first one and the kids are learning it now.  They seem to like it!

I want to design more learning experiences for my kids so that learning is more fun and relevant.

I want to teach my students better communication skills so that they engage everyone they meet (adults and children) in a meaningful way and see the power in making those connections.

I want to instill a sense of urgency into my students so that they understand that time (and how they use it) is precious.

I have some ideas for changing up some of my classroom furniture even further to get rid of my desk and free up more space for the kids.

For others…
I have many ideas of how to pass my ideas onto others.

I want to design a learning experience for the teachers in my school that will both show and share what Ron Clark Academy stands for…energy, positivity, and high expectations.  I have lots of ideas brewing, but haven’t pitched them to my administration yet.  It’s coming!

I want to be a positive example every day.

I look at what I do in my classroom and throughout the school differently since my trip to Ron Clark Academy.  I hope to hold onto the momentum and motivation that I felt as this year draws to a close and incorporate even more things when the new year starts next fall.

Stay tuned for so much more to come…


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