Disrupting Myself – Week #3 #IMMOOC Reflection

This week’s #IMOOC conversation with Kaleb Rashad was amazing!

The part of the conversation that resonated with me most was Kaleb’s thoughts on disruption. Confession: I tend to focus on all that’s going on around me and the things I wish would be different. I do all this reading and learning and growing and then look for all the places where those things aren’t happening.

Not cool. I’m not in charge of anybody else. I’m in charge of me. I need to shift my focus onto myself (at all times) and be the best me that I can be. If I put my best out there, the best will find its way back. I want to do better. And so, I need to disrupt my own thinking to create some new patterns.

In in the spirit of innovation, I tried something new. I did a video reflection. It isn’t perfect. I wish I’d moved my little face box lower. I wish I’d thought a bit more about what I was going to say before I said it (this is an always goal…btw). But done is better than perfect. And so…

I’m hoping to disrupt myself into more focus on being my best and doing what’s best for kids.  It would be lovely if that impacts others, but if it doesn’t…  I won’t know.  I’ll be worrying about me, not them.

If you’re looking for a few ideas to disrupt your thinking, check these out…
Disrupt Yourself – 5 Ways to Become Your Own Agent of Disruption
12 Creative Triggers You Can Use to Disrupt Your Thinking


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