Why is learning important?

Learning is magical.

I think that if you aren’t learning from the world around you, then you are missing the point. We can always get better and know more.

Learning is part of me. And I look for it everywhere I go. Because it is everywhere you look. If you choose to look for it.

I’ve chosen a profession/career that allows me to learn every single day. I learn from my colleagues and my students. Every. Single. Day. I learn from other educators on Twitter and Instagram. Every. Single. Day. I learn from published authors. Every. Single. Day.

As soon as I finish reading an article or a book or listening to a podcast or talking with a colleague, I start looking for my next learning opportunity. Who else can I talk to about this? What can I read next?

It’s almost a fault. I don’t always give the current idea I am pondering and learning about enough time to really take hold and transform me. But, all is not lost. When working on the next idea, I am constantly making  connections to previous learnings. So, although it seems like I’m moving too fast for it to stick, it’s in there…just connecting to new and better ideas.

Not long ago, I stopped learning. The mental space it took to have a baby and be the mother of an infant didn’t allow for anything extra. I stopped reading and looking for information. I was simply trying to survive one day until the next. And I did, but I didn’t thrive.

After being allowed to sleep more than an hour or two at a time, I was finally able to look around me and see all that I was missing. And a need to consume and learn more information was ignited. It hasn’t lessened.

It’s my goal to ignite this need for learning in everyone around me. I want to inspire my students to feel the magic and the spark of curiosity. I want my colleagues to feel like they’re missing out on all the good stuff. The more you learn, the more questions you have…and the more you want to learn.

When I’m not actively reading or learning, I feel like a fish must feel out of water. I am gasping and grasping for something…anything to occupy my thoughts. There are worlds and subjects out there I’m not even aware of, but they all connect to what I’m doing. I just need to reach out and find out how.

This post is a reflection based on a prompt. The prompt is “Why is learning important and how has it impacted my life?” I wrote this to be considered for a scholarship from Activia (https://www.activia.co.uk/)


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