I was lucky enough to attend the Scholastic Reading Summit in Raleigh this week. It was magical. Magical.

First this happened…

Then this happened…

And then this…

I was starstruck. Over and over again.

It was a day full of meeting my #EduHeroes and #EduIdols, and I learned something important.

They’re just like us mortals.

They are regular people. Awesome regular people, but regular people.

They talked with me and helped me learn. They treated me like I was awesome too. (Which I am, but they didn’t know that.)

I was both humbled and encouraged by the knowledge and kindness that was poured into me.

Find your tribe. Love them hard.

I’ve heard that so often in the past year.  And I truly understand it now. Not just this week, but in every situation when I’ve truly put myself out into the world. NCDLCN. NCTIES. EdCamp. Reading Summit. We are all connected by our love of making the world better for students.

If you put your heart and mind out there, you’ll find us.


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